IDSA MidEast Conference: Dan Harden

I attened the annual distric IDSA Midead conference past three days.

(April 8-10, 2011)

I was overwhelemed by all the speaksers and people I've met

who are well passionate about DESIGN.

I met Dan Harden from Whipsaw.

He is the guy who was behind the innovative baby bottle

that I actually wanted to touch.... and I did.

(hahahaha..yes. they were very soft)

Not just that,

he has designed various products that

we may use these days.

We never know o_o

Now, he is my one of inspire.

I hope one day, there is another chance to meet this man


talk about our design.


I talked about Dan with my manager at GE.

and guess what!?

my manager, Marc Hottenroth, interned and worked

for Dan Harden 20 years ago in NYC.

what a small world!