grades are ridiculous
see!!!! you know why i deserve to have lil fun!
too bad these grades dont count loL

happpy new year



finally everyone!!!!
16 weeks of hell just ended this monday
i know its late update right now...
whats better than not ever posting right? loL

project was done in Advanced Design II
future concept design
this project was actually took
4 weeks of research and 4 weeks of final
where're rest of 4 weeks?
no class-_-;
yea tell me about it

i am planning to work on this more when i get bak in US
will keep you posted as i process :D

it's lil late but

hope everyone has awesome 2010!

ten more days



what more do i have to say?
i was in rush to finish this
i am gonna fix it when i got back



my new favorite song from SMILE album

i love L'arc~en~ciel
it's part of my memories
there are great songs from their old album
no new songs cant compare to old songs really
SMILE album isnt that new really
i think 5 years ago??
anyway 接吻 (kiss) has great guitar solo
lyric..also warms me...deeply? lOL

but nothing can beat old favorite
honey and stay away

i love L'arc~en~Ciel


my 10 hours

my tuesday was spent sitting
on part broken wooden chair
in-front of 1o" screen macbook
working on two presentation boards
on illustrator and photoshop
for last 10 hours

thats listening to
200 songs on my itouch

i am pretty much working my ass off
to try to finish this by tonight
so i could go to print center that is 30 mins
by bus and subway
for thursday class

so i have two models for this one class
why? cuz i finished my model in one day
so i had to make another one

so this is my plan for tomorrow
i have to wake up super early :(
wake up @ 7:40
breakfast @ 8:20
print center @ 9
class @ 1
dentist app @ 3
(pulling my right wisdom teeth out)

hope i can wake up tomorrow
to what i planned out ;-;



this school is just BS
this is first semester i am not improvin WHAT SO EVER

first off - this school lied about facility
what facilities? where? please do tell...
oh are you talking about grad school building
that only opens til 5pm?
ah thanks

second, when i discussed with professors here
about schedules (7 STUDIOS)
he said everyone has that amount of studios for a semester
at most 4 at least 1-
whats up with that?

third, we got 40 computers in one small crapy lab
and how many works? less than 20...
how many as working alias? 18
how many has hypershot? 10
how many has showcase? 10
how many has imagestudio? guess- nope its just one computer
how do i know? well i spent last 1hour 30mins marking which computer i should use.

fourth, people
maybe it just atomosphere here...
but ppl here are so dry
they are always working- it seems
but no..they come to class without having assignments done
if you have nothing to show- please..dont come
group projects
i dont mind just group me with people who love design (period)
i am not gonna talk about this anymore
just thinkin about my last week not sleeping and
making stupid alias model and fixing what SHE THINKS ITS GOOD
hell no- i told her disagree but "professor told us"
well he doesnt know nothing about our design
fuck you

fifth, french
four french exchange students
i dont even know WHY they decide to come if they cant speak the language
wait- they said koreans can speak english very well
welll...are you guys? hell no
they cant even understand "visibility"
how am i suppose to explain this?
and they decided to skip class for like a month
can show up during middle of project
and now they want me to explain the whole thing again
wow talk about easy grade
well i am not gonna get you go off easily
oh and somehow they got this intern here
with furniture company
ahhh they get it and i dont...
wait company will find out how horrible they are-

sixth, professors
psycho professors who never think about students' opinion
and dont even give good crit at all
"change this- i think this is weird..."
give us the due date and
change the date to a week later 8 hours before due date....
well he is sick... more like hangover
i know what he did- drinking wine with his friends
i spent my two days barely sleeping,
spending $100 on printings, walking,
and fighting with kinkos and he moves the due date.
my other studio class wont be end til right before christmas
why? because we didnt have class for a month
and we are finally refining our design right now
i have to make alias model and image board for next two weeks
thanks assholes

i am so done here
like my mom and uncles say
i am not going to push myself hard anymore
not giving them anymore ideas of mine
just want this two weeks to get over with
and spend quality times with my family and friends-
so done


4 down 2 more to go

for INFORMATION design
air cleanser/lamp/partition

for Design Graphics
natural evaporating humidifier

3D modeling
water cup
3D modeling
salt+pepper shakers

i have two more models to work on-

for 3D product
(in progress)

for advance design II
i am still in process of designing...
have two more weeks to finish ;-;
arggg i have no life :(


intership offer

on saturday i skipped class
to attend International Creative Studies workshop
its a company who wants to educate the future designers
and offers classes that school or any other places doesnt teach

the company, ICS, was organized
by real working professionals
that also teach at several colleges in korea

it was one day workshop
in short period of times
i had a chance to take three classes
1. 5mins and 1 hour: design exercise class
2. sound design
3. theory of color
most interesting class was color class
it def opened my eyes in different way
i wish it was longer
the professors there were very talented and well educated
couple profs. from pratt
one prof from cranbrook
it was def honored to meet real working designers/professors

the end of the day
we watched the movie, objectified
and had wine party/protfolio reviews
i only had two projects in soph.
and current projects that i was working on-
i had good critcs from those professionals
and unexpectly, the designer who graduated from cranbrook
asked me if i need an internship-
and he would like to work with me winter or summer
i found out those designers also own small design consultancy called, FEIT

we shared our business card and ended the day
hopefully i get more offers
so i can choose right internship for next summer//
it was def productive day!!!
(also i get to see my friends too!)
yay me!



i love letters!
i love email, facebook, chat...video chat
but mostly air mails are the best
i dont care i receive it or not
just the surprise and happiness the person
who will see my letter in the mail box
makes me so happy!
(even though i have to wait 2 weeks for the person to receive...)
(i can be so patience when it comes to air mail)

so far i received five letters from two of my friends :D
thank you kristen and grace
i am so lucky i have friends who send me a letter :)
i love you guys♥

its okey you dont have to send me a letter to be my friend
i love you all♥

my random post on air mail
i think this is first time i post alot in a month o_o
this def tells you that i am really bored

exactly a month left til school is over
few of my classes are ending in three weeks
...or two loL
ahhh i want this to be over with!

for those of you who are in school-
good luck on your finals :)

ps. my last picture..loL
i saw tropicana melon latte in vanding machine
i had to get it!!!
as sound very weird
it actually tastes pretty good
idk about latte part...its more like juice loL
it was only 50cents o_o!


even though digital sketching takes LONG TIME-
i randomly decided-
what da hell// i am sketching on my wacom today

even though there are lots of pointless
sketches and renderings to do-
while i am here
i guess i am gonna practice my digital sketching-


summer sketches

bunch of useless cellphone sketches


flexable laptop concept

new concepts def inspired me o_o!


i found this clip-
live fried fish dish in china
its pretty disgusting and sad
isnt this...animal? lol
fish abuse????



a year ago-
my friend, kristen, recommended me
to start this thing called moly_exchange

simply you exchange your moleskin
with ppl around the world

i joined moly_portrait_2 about a year ago
some ups and downs
i only had one moly from sweden
and i am waiting for another one to come

i drew myself on mine
and drew rob on his-
now looking back...
o m g
i want to fix myself




i believed that coming back to korea and study design in different but familiar environment would help me succeed later plan-
or at least learn something new that i would never know at ccs-

everything was just fantasy i guess

maybe i shouldve stop everything when the plan didnt go smooth as we all thought it would be....
i shouldnt forced it....
now what it comes is...just wasting my semester and wasting my energy-

its so sad to talk about my own country's education system-
it just makes me mad so much that i had to say it...

7 classes....7 projects.....6 days a week but total of 12 credits

how ridiculous this is....
how unnecessary action.....a risk i took
....oh shut up heidi...
you knew it was a risk :/

anyway ive been sketching so much
i mean i am taking 7 studio classes
i should be sketching while i am sleeping right?

but the depressing part is
i hate all of my sketches
i am not having fun at all
my designes are all shitty
i think i am loosing my abilities to sketch...even think-

different environment, people,...culture....
i thought they would innovate me...
or at least keep me inspire-

dry....too dry here

i dont remember "fun" in sketching anymore-
i miss my friends
i miss detroit
i miss my old desk
i miss life

i am so ready to go back


after pages-

size will be max of 10x17"

foilo cover trials

qualities are shiitty on purpose :P
after four trials-
i think i am gonna go with last one//
hope i dont change my mind...again



i worked on the lamp project this about a month
for DNA+ competition
wish me luck...again :'(


final competition piece

i am ready to print!