busy days

homework is piled up already!
ive been sketching watches over this weekends :'(
15 pages just for one class

i am sick of watches....
now i have one final rendering page to do

over the past...two weeks
ive been really busy!!!

school started
i got a freelance job
(i got paid!!!!)
22nd was my 21st birthday :D
i got wacom!
i got lots of fuck you email on my birthday
i got new cellphone
i still have lots of homework
oh yea
i am moving this week!
apt near GM RenCen :)

now i have to pack


just first two weeks
so many things happened
and i dont think this will end soon;;
i hope i will survive this semester...
at the end
there is sophomore review T^T
just lots of *sigh* right now


flat sketches

fun experiment :P
(more to come)





humping bunny

like everyone knows
there are usb toy called, humping dogs
i wanted one really bad
but dogs arent really my favorite animal
i wounldnt want to see a dog humping my laptop you know loL
i was hoping they make something else than a dog

few days ago
my friend, kristen visited me
actually it was on 1/1/2009
she got me this usb humping bunny!
i was so amazed that
i couldnt stop laughing
my family probably heard me laughing so hard

she got me a cute black bunny one :)
it's humping my laptop happily
but i am worry that
i dont want to burn the motor inside the bunny
so i am trying to control my self to
play with my bunny
at max of one min on my laptop
i want to keep my bunny
as long as i alive loL!

my parents think i am weird...
cuz i am so fascinated with my bunny
that's ok
they will learn someday



yes it's twilight movie!
i felt in love with twilight again :O!!!!

i read twilight series before
but after i watched the movie
ive got so obsessed with it that
i had to read the book again o_o!!!!

man, edward cullen :'(
i want to marry to a vampire T^T
i would feel the same way as bella did
i am sure i can beat her
make sure i become a vampire to be with the one forever
btw i didnt fall in love with the one who plays edward
i fell in love with character edward

so i had to order twilight book series online
(all the twilight books are lost or out in all the libraries...
stupid thirteen years old kids-_-xxx)
but it's so worth to buy all of the :D
which i made my family suprised
cuz i never buy book
except art related or school related
i finished twilight in three days!!!

now i am on second book, new moon.
i cant wait til finish this one again
and go on to next one...and next one ^-^
can't wait til stephenie comes out with fifth book!
i am sooo there to buy it!!!!!
muh hahahhaha

ok that's it about my life :)


happy happpy new year <3

happy happpy new year <3
i spend my first day of 2009
making my own beer bread
and is awesome :)

i think i ate too much today :'(
there were chicken, mash potato,
green bean, corn, ttuk-bok-gi, and
most important food of new year, ttuk-guk!!!

i am planning to spend my night
with HI-D brand beer bread,
beer (my mom got me whole box for me to bake loL)
and twlight book >_

happy happy new year ^-^