i love bear :)

after posting my evil bear
i was wondering if i still like teddy bears or not

you know what
i still love it :P

this drawing tells it all
(i drew it last winter)

evil bear

once in my high school career
i was obsessed drawing teddy bear
the one that has stitch marks and large buttons for eyes

ive drawn bears all over
my notebooks
even my friends' book :P

i ended up creating my own character

evil bear

i only have like five drawn
and i even scanned and colored

i forgot all about it
until i was cleaning my old computer

i laughed at myself
"hahahahaha old dayz-"

now i think about it
there is a very similar character called
gloomy bear

then i thought
"damn it! i thought about evil bear idea long time ago
and i couldve earn sooo much $$$$$$!!!"

in art world
its all about who produce first
not who thought of first


niagara fall

my parents took me to niagara fall
idk why
the fall was frozen



my eyes are closing slowly
but homework is waiting for me



i was fine til this
i am sooo sick now :'(


new place

i am officially livin in detroit now :)
sadly i have no internet there yet
i am planning to steal wifi...loL
i might have to ask around i guess...

so far school
just work loads are insane this sem
two projects are going on
top of that stupid vis com III class
also alias class....
and two other liberal art classes
wahhh :'(
yes i am taking 6 classes this sem
i know i know
crazy heidi!

so as soon as i steal wifi
i will post up again :D