what is philosophy?

my first and last online course: Intro to Philosophy
I think i am spending too much time one it...-_ -;


childhoood animations

seriously, who didn't love to watch animation
when you were young!

i remember i came home by the time
animations start

or i tell my mom to record the animation for me
ahh...VHS lol

i used to sing animation opening songs
with my sisters and mommy :)

ahhh i miss those days!

i found whole season of "sweet tales of St.Tail"
one of my favorite opening songs back then...

Now i think of them...
some did have very lame story line..


30 days of winter closet

i don't know why...
but i decided to start a personal project of my own

i called it, 30 days of Winter Closet.
bascially, i will just draw what i wore that day for 30 days
[jan 10 - feb 10]

let see how it goes....
it might be boring.....
since i don't have much freedom of what i can wear at work :/

if this one goes well...
i might do another one for summer or during school year :)

more sketches to come_



my very own website :)
v. 1


by tony

did i mention that my friend tony from chicago
came down to louisville to visit me?
well...now you know :D
he loves his camera and traveling
while he was here he took some awesome paparazzi photos of me :P

i just love the colors!

even it was short weekends
the fact that he thought of me and to visit
meant a lot to me!

you may click the photo for full view
also dont forget to visit my friend's blog :)
thanks tony



if there was no project at work that is due in a week......
i was probably flying back to louisville from NYC
spending NYE with my buddy :(

back to work


bye bye chapter 1

New year has begun
It's time for me to move on to next chapter.

Happy New Year [2011] Everybody :)
image provided by TONY


late christmas_

korean snacks and etc from chicago
some are from my friend, tony
ive been eating them past two weeks_