casa nuevo

i moved to newer and cooler apt last weekends :)

you all need to come down to louisville asap!

this summer

My sister went back to Michigan
for the upcoming year.
She had a great time at GE also in Louisville.
She and I had some great times together early summer!
Before we got super busy with works :(
I decided to capture some of those moments :)

one day we went out to search for my favorite wine
then watched movies with wine :)

other day, we went out for bbq at friend's house
it was very interesting night :)

we even went to WWE wrestling match!
how random! lOL
it was great! we had a great time and a chance to see my buddy
he had to snuck out from the show

three months went by so quickly!
well my sister is done.
i have nine more months :)

i know it will pass super fast!
you know it!!


tofu pasta

this is only thing i can cook lOL