baked potato+garlic

on my day off i made baked garlic + potato :)



these days i am trying out my own recipe :)

another day i made myself Omu-Rice!
with spice vegi rice

today i made Onigiri aka rice ball :)
with spicy tuna filling

its all because living by myself :/
idk its a good thing or not

btw they taste just amazing :)
i wish i could share with you


work station



Inside CCS_part 2

during my visits to Michigan,
I found out my KitchenAid project, Miru
was published on CCS Product Design Instruction flyer :)

(look look! look to your left!)

it's small but at least my work is on there,
especially on first page! ha!

my PR chair, Vincenzo, kindly gave me the page :D
so i can keep it foreva!

it's late but apparently over 500 people saw or got a flyer!
i am very proud :)

Inside CCS_part 1

few months ago
when i was searching some information
in CCS website
i found my old sophomore sketch!

that sketchbook was in CCS student show two years ago

i seriously had no idea until....over an year later!
no body told me :/
but it's still awesome!
yay me :)

you may see for yourself here

back in MI

KitchenAid project is still up in front of Product Design entrance :)
ahh man... I did sacrifice my body and life for this project

-_ - i suck

i suck at posting :(

job is just overwhelming past days!
i wish i could post what i am doing
but they are all confidential..you know!

i went back to michigan :)
it was pretty awesome and very eventful!

i didnt get to see or hang out with all my friends :(
but i was just happy that at least i was in same state lol

i spent half of my halloween weekends in michigan and kentucky :)
two costumes this year!
I was kitttty cat with my sister on friday :)

i was Fern and that's my friend Welburt
Charlotte's Web duh!

this halloween was pretty awesome!
can't wait for next year :)

i am going back to michigan for thanksgiving
ahhh how i missed michigan!!

ok i will try to post something lil by lil!

love you <3