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Art Lebedev Keyboard

Optimus Maximus Keyboard by Art Lebedev Studio

You can customize each and every keys o_o
Keyboard is use of OLED….

Well… as much as I love Art Lebedev studio… I think this keyboard isn’t it…
Yea, you get to program to customize your own keyboard…even pictures….
But but but….

First…. This keyboard costs $1,599.99!
Second… waste of energy I think_

I don’t think this one is it….
….*sigh*? lol


Instagram app is freaking awesome o_o!
You can tell different filters give different result/mood :D
love it!



Strange berries are spotted in London_

They are called Pineberries.

Don't worry_ it is not man made berry...

Pineberry is orgined in Netherland o_o!

I wanna try I wanna try

zombie bunny_

Zombie bunny for this Easter? Well you are lucky, you can buy this for $14.99