MT '08

i went to membership training (aka MT)
with coolest ppl in korea :-)
i went to place called, ka-pyung
played in the river
played game
ate huge dinner
rest of the night
ha ha ha ha ha ha
i will never forget the day :-)
i really dont want to go home :'(


damn clam

couple weeks ago
i went "clam hunting"
it wasnt the best thing
ive ever done here in corea :'(
i dont even like clam
i dont even like sea food...T^T
i dunno why i went there...
for two hours
i only found 20 clams...
and they are not even eatable :'(
(according to my uncle)
i got bodyache the next day

so did you know that i have a month

in corea now? :-D
i am starting to miss michigan ;-(