crazy weekends

end of crazy weekends
leaving korea today
bye bye bye michigan
hello hello hello korea
i will try to update....


last sunday

so have i told you i teach 3rd graders

for sunday school?


i said good bye to all of them today

i will miss my troublemakers



i already started to pack-
one luggage is full
my mommy is making me put
candies lotions soaps even toothbrushes
idk why
anyway i am sooo excited!
i already packed some of my art supplies
and threee sketchbooks
i am hoping to do some drawing there



this is heiDi's first review story_

11 - arrived at ccs started to set up the presentation
1 - review started! found out mine is the second to last
3 - finally its my classroom's turn
3:20 - started to suck the candies
3:30 - started panic attack
3:45 - review time
4 - review ended for real

ID review is very complicated
there are 8 - 9 panels for review
including product, trans, ID chairs

i was worried that
they will say
"you are a designer not illustrator"
"you need more sketchbooks"
"whats with these characters?"

idk if i am in product
they complimented me more than crited me
idk if they were being sacrastic...
but they said lots of good stuffs about my work

such as
"your drawing skill is at the end of soph even early juinor"
"you have very good sense of colors"
"you have a skill that freshman usually dont have"
"good colors"
"you have one of best sketchbook that we saw"
(i thought they being a sacrastic)
(and i still think so)

yup yup yup
my score?
score did not reflect the way they complimented me
its higher than average
but not the best you know
(which i am lil pissed about)

i am prepared for next sem
i think

def this summer
i am pulling lots of sketchbooks
at least 3? 4? 5?
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

oh yea
they said
"you need to improve your verbal skill"

apparently during my ID presentation

i laughed in mid of presentation
thing is
i dont remember :'(



school is finally ended
(except for review tomorro :-O)
i am not freshman anymore
he he he he he
after my sem ended
over the weekends
i started to paint
and to make my own
i am soo looking forward
to this summer
oh did i mention that
i am going to korea
in two weeks?!?