so far

ive been really lazy after final -_-;
i am offically done with ccs (at least for 4 months)

050509 was my review
it went ok
three our of six sketchbooks
xBox poster
DIA busstation poster and model
were selected for ccs annual student show

051209 was my first day of summer school at occ
every tuesday and thursday
i have to take three classes ;-;
us history (civil war - present)
intro to psychology

i am regretting for taking geology class ;-;
i am studying for quiz for psy and geo right now T^T

051509 was ccs annual show opening night :D
it was awesome!
except i dont remember much....

this is my summer plan
occ summer classes
two competition
visit grace in AA!
hang out with kristin ;-; (before she leaves to brazil)
organize/fix portfolio

find job? intern?
start painting project: portrait
start to go to dsd
visit west side?

korea :) :)

this is my plan for now

vis com III final

sophmore studio final



idk about you
after spending most of time
fighting with alias
i think i deserve a party now!

maybe after review