a week ago
my family went to miami for early vacation
it was nice to see the sun when i was there :)
i want to go back ;-;

i am going to louisville next week
to drop off my sister at her intern
two weeks after
i will be joining her :)

we got intern at same company lol



pentax had a leaked photo in beginning of this year

top: I-10
bottom: H-90
this is optio H-90
i like how this is very simple and retro
but when i realize that i want one of those...
it kinda looks like toy camera

this is optio I-10
this is not DSLR camera!
just simple digital camera but has a retro DSLR looks!
which i fell in love instant!
this one has separate leather case!!!
how cute is that!?
but i think its only sell in japan :( boo!
i want it i want it!

my last camera broke about 2.5 years ago-_ -;
since i am movin to louisville for an year
(yea! i got an year-long internship!)
i cant borrow my sisters' camera anymore!
and this time i am gonna buy the one that i love!!!

i did loook at samsung dual camera
-_ - its sorry to say but
why are they so UGLY o_o!!!!

i am gonna go to best buy to touch it
and see if i really like it!
if it passes
i am gonna order it online!!!
i am so excited!!! yay!!!


kitchenaid FINAL

tuesday april 27, 2010
my final presentation of 6th term

i worked very hard for this project
but the outcome was not what i expected :(

i wasnt good enough

well kitchenaid!
you will regret your decision!!!

PS i am glad to be done :)

top 3

these were final top 3