IDSA MidEast Conference: Curt Baily

Curt Baily from SunbergFerar gave a speech
about why we need to design
something different & unique then others.

He compared his story with Porridge
from the story of Goldilock & three bears.
Porridge is so blend and colorless...
and I dont even know why bears & Goldilock even obsessed about it.

He said we rather design
something that has strong emotions
then something blend, like porridge.
Of course, that strong emotion that consumers feel is "Love" then
you are successfully design something that
will probably last long_

The design philosophy of Curt & SunbergFerar is
what we as a designers initially in minds before designing.
It may not be so easy because of stupid corporate marketing - _-;
but I think it is a never ending task as a designer to fight for what we truly believe.
We have to fight.

I think I will try my best to fight for what I believe in rest of GE internship.