my mom

i love my mom
she is my mother, sister,
advisor, supporter, and best friend

so there are things
that worries her
like other mothers

these are top 5:
5. me might have a retarded baby
(just because i drink coke too much...-_ -)
4. me might get rape or shot in detroit
3. me might leave far away from home in future
(she wants the family live close as possible)
2. me getting an internship this summer
(its b/c my sister already got her internship at GE this summer,
she worries about my dignity as an older sister-_ -)

1. me might marry an asshole
(or a person who doesnt appreciate or approve by my mom)

she doesnt approve "men" period
maybe thats why i am single today

happy valentine's day


happy new year

my first post of 2010
already Chinese's new year tomorrow
-_ - ive been really busy

i switched chair studio to whirlpool sponsored project
this is what ive been up to

wednesday (snowday)

friday (studio)
(left: marc's right: mine)

i will try to post more :/

happy new year :D