basically my product chair, id chair, dean...president...etc
know about whats going on right now :(

this is what my product chair, vincenzo said
"heidi you are very famous huh?
we decided that its best for you directly talk to the director
ccs will support you anything you need"

then he told me other thing about alias class.....
i will tell you later :P

another email

From: "Ed Summers"

To: "Hyo ji Lim"
Subject: RE: biofuel display from wednesday meeting

I spoke with Julie Johnson about the review yesterday and I mentioned
your rendering, it just so happened she too was discussing the very same
with other peers. I think it is fabulous, I'm going to present this as
a build project for DSC. I'll keep you posted on the results, thank

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Friday, March 27, 2009 11:28 AM
To: Ed Summers
Subject: biofuel display from wednesday meeting

hello, mr summers

my name is heidi lim from college for creative studies

just yesterday, i receieved an email from my design theory teacher, clay
that you are interested in my design of biofuel display.

My school administers and clay smith approved that
i may work with you directly if you like.
however i understand that you need to talk to CEO
so i am sending the sketches that you saw on wednesday in PDF file.

if you have any question
please dont hesitate to call or email

my cell phone number is 248.875.6723

thank you so much for this great opportunity :)



this is what
i am talking
about lOL

letter from my teacher

subject: Good News about your design

Hi Heidi,

I just heard from Ed Summers (the director of the design facility we visited on Wednesday).
He was very impressed with your design showing a free-standing glass globe with the
signage ring. He may be interested in using it as the focal point for the new lobby at the
Science Center. Please call me when you get this message and we can set up a meeting
to follow up with Mr. Summers.

Best regards,




i have nothing but sketches to show u

first one is my rough postcard idea :P
does she look like me?
just kidding
i wish i was that skinnny

and rest of them are from
yesterday's DSD drawing session
at CCS :P
i was glad to draw some loose figure sketches
ID drawings are soo tight and clean!
yesterday i got a chance to escape from that
theres another DSD next month
i wish i could make it :)

feeel free to add me as a follower :)
more like PLEASE!


spring break

i spent doin nothing
til last day
and i finished two processbooks
i am ready to print..
i think

i am preparing for upcoming review
so that i wont be behind
after i come back from idsa on may 1-3

i have so many things to do
so lil time

i will tell you about my HUGE plan later
its HUGE :p


vis com III

few sketches from my visual communication III
15 pages including final rendering everyweek :(