half of this week,
i was in shop sanding this massive thing!
this is also SLS printed...
that means i have to sand that thing down
to make it smooth for me to paint
i am not gonna tell you what this is!
its a TOP SECRET :D :D :D

happy friday

Happy Friday!
a week already passed and i am ready for weekends!
sorry! correction!
working at 8 to 5 is such a hasle

first design

sorry ive been lacking on posting!
anyway lot of things happened!
i will tell you little by little
this is first mock up for the design
i did for little handle for 2011 dishwasher model
during my first week at work!
last week i got this mock up! (yay)
and change some few thing
and now its process of prototype
before it finally manuafacture this year!
[black] engineer's ideal handle (ew!)
[white] heidi's pretty make over of handle (bling!)
now on to 2012 ->