another round

this is where i lived and worked past few weeks
even though i cleaned couple days ago
i get so messy T^T

anyway kitchenaid is almost done!
i have to few more works then DONE
well i have to print and bind...etc

also need to update my portfolio o_o;
i cant wait til school is over
after review week
i am off to MIAMI!

anyway wish me luck on final :)
i betta be in TOP 2! or 1 :D

design revolution

you guys probably heard about DESIGN REVOLUTION
35 art schools
6300 miles
40 products in a mobile

anyway they came to CCS early april
it was awesome to see the real humanity products
that ive seen online!
(i got to touch some stuff)


friend for labor

my jong drew this for me :)
for my kitchenaid project!

she saved me from my stick ppl
to this amazing drawing!

thank you :)

so far

i think i am gonna go with those colors loL
pink...loL what a joke
well i am goin with these!


i love putting picture of my work space
time to time lOL

i've been rolling
those bunkspeed renderings for days