OU summer art camp

this week
i volunteer to help out with OU summer art camp
that my highschool art teacher was directed.

she gave me a call this monday ask for help

past four days i was with dave chow
yay dave chow!
i had a chacne to see pat too!
on friday
i had to model for eugene clark's class
(i thought i was gonna fall asleep ;-; only had 5 hours of sleep)

it was nice to be around cool ccs faculties
also highschoolers
they reminded me of during my highschool career
how i was intensive and worked non stop
to get my portfolio done
good time good time

now i have two more weeks here in US
then i will be on my way to KOREA

idk where to start with my packing ;-;



i finally ordered businesscard via moo.com :)
can't wait til i get my mini cards!!!!
i got 5 different images
pink one, colorful background one, and last one here
two more-
you will get to see it soon!

things are finally settling
i bought a flight ticket just yesterday
i will be studying at KooKmin University in korea :)
i am so excited!

starting today
i am helping out my highschool art teacher
with her summer art camp at OU
:) :) :)

i might be busy for a while
i will try to update soon ok? :D