end of year_

spending my last day of the year infront of computer
happy new year*


paper friends

no one was at work today because of holiday
so i decided to make some new friends today :)
although i have huge projects that is due in two weeks....
i had to take some break lol

i am going to chicago tonight to spend christmas there

merry christmas



they might not look appetizing but they were pretty good :)

zuppa toscana

garlic bread

welcome to louisville

it's literally skate rink out there
plus i cant get into my car
i do have ice scraper but its also in my car
cant believe its worst than michigan weather o_o!

i need to go to work for m1!!!!



i am not gonna lie.
i love the hat :)

Thanks, Joe

*Happy Holiday Everyone*


you think i am hillarious right?
i think so too lol

recently i went to KFC YUm! center for WWE wrestling
my papa Joe got me tickets to see them
well..i was there to see joe
but i had an awesome time there :)

Thanks Joe :)
check out his awesome comic!


i love airplane :D
bestest way to travel

late greeting

we all know i suck at posting :/
hope you all had great thanksgiving :)

i was in michigan for a week during thanksgiving week!
oh man
i ate alot and got sick...lol


my dad and i went duck hunting on thanksgiving loL

kinda creepy o_o