end of year_

spending my last day of the year infront of computer
happy new year*


paper friends

no one was at work today because of holiday
so i decided to make some new friends today :)
although i have huge projects that is due in two weeks....
i had to take some break lol

i am going to chicago tonight to spend christmas there

merry christmas



they might not look appetizing but they were pretty good :)

zuppa toscana

garlic bread

welcome to louisville

it's literally skate rink out there
plus i cant get into my car
i do have ice scraper but its also in my car
cant believe its worst than michigan weather o_o!

i need to go to work for m1!!!!



i am not gonna lie.
i love the hat :)

Thanks, Joe

*Happy Holiday Everyone*


you think i am hillarious right?
i think so too lol

recently i went to KFC YUm! center for WWE wrestling
my papa Joe got me tickets to see them
well..i was there to see joe
but i had an awesome time there :)

Thanks Joe :)
check out his awesome comic!


i love airplane :D
bestest way to travel

late greeting

we all know i suck at posting :/
hope you all had great thanksgiving :)

i was in michigan for a week during thanksgiving week!
oh man
i ate alot and got sick...lol


my dad and i went duck hunting on thanksgiving loL

kinda creepy o_o


baked potato+garlic

on my day off i made baked garlic + potato :)



these days i am trying out my own recipe :)

another day i made myself Omu-Rice!
with spice vegi rice

today i made Onigiri aka rice ball :)
with spicy tuna filling

its all because living by myself :/
idk its a good thing or not

btw they taste just amazing :)
i wish i could share with you


work station



Inside CCS_part 2

during my visits to Michigan,
I found out my KitchenAid project, Miru
was published on CCS Product Design Instruction flyer :)

(look look! look to your left!)

it's small but at least my work is on there,
especially on first page! ha!

my PR chair, Vincenzo, kindly gave me the page :D
so i can keep it foreva!

it's late but apparently over 500 people saw or got a flyer!
i am very proud :)

Inside CCS_part 1

few months ago
when i was searching some information
in CCS website
i found my old sophomore sketch!

that sketchbook was in CCS student show two years ago

i seriously had no idea until....over an year later!
no body told me :/
but it's still awesome!
yay me :)

you may see for yourself here

back in MI

KitchenAid project is still up in front of Product Design entrance :)
ahh man... I did sacrifice my body and life for this project

-_ - i suck

i suck at posting :(

job is just overwhelming past days!
i wish i could post what i am doing
but they are all confidential..you know!

i went back to michigan :)
it was pretty awesome and very eventful!

i didnt get to see or hang out with all my friends :(
but i was just happy that at least i was in same state lol

i spent half of my halloween weekends in michigan and kentucky :)
two costumes this year!
I was kitttty cat with my sister on friday :)

i was Fern and that's my friend Welburt
Charlotte's Web duh!

this halloween was pretty awesome!
can't wait for next year :)

i am going back to michigan for thanksgiving
ahhh how i missed michigan!!

ok i will try to post something lil by lil!

love you <3


experiment 1




casa nuevo

i moved to newer and cooler apt last weekends :)

you all need to come down to louisville asap!

this summer

My sister went back to Michigan
for the upcoming year.
She had a great time at GE also in Louisville.
She and I had some great times together early summer!
Before we got super busy with works :(
I decided to capture some of those moments :)

one day we went out to search for my favorite wine
then watched movies with wine :)

other day, we went out for bbq at friend's house
it was very interesting night :)

we even went to WWE wrestling match!
how random! lOL
it was great! we had a great time and a chance to see my buddy
he had to snuck out from the show

three months went by so quickly!
well my sister is done.
i have nine more months :)

i know it will pass super fast!
you know it!!


tofu pasta

this is only thing i can cook lOL



half of this week,
i was in shop sanding this massive thing!
this is also SLS printed...
that means i have to sand that thing down
to make it smooth for me to paint
i am not gonna tell you what this is!
its a TOP SECRET :D :D :D

happy friday

Happy Friday!
a week already passed and i am ready for weekends!
sorry! correction!
working at 8 to 5 is such a hasle

first design

sorry ive been lacking on posting!
anyway lot of things happened!
i will tell you little by little
this is first mock up for the design
i did for little handle for 2011 dishwasher model
during my first week at work!
last week i got this mock up! (yay)
and change some few thing
and now its process of prototype
before it finally manuafacture this year!
[black] engineer's ideal handle (ew!)
[white] heidi's pretty make over of handle (bling!)
now on to 2012 ->


the first day_

i have imac and magic mouse :)



i started to gesso the canvases two weeks ago
i started to paint a week ago
i think i forgot to paint


i went to louisville two weeks ago
to drop off my sister for her internship term
there was nothing but trees when i was driving down there..
only thing kept me company whole time was
my sister's beloved tomato plant-_-

i am driving down there again this friday
for my an year long internship

i am gonna miss DETROIT!