i am in korea!!!!

for those of who dont know

i am here for study abroad at kookmin university

one of top 2 design program in korea

school started this week

a week earlier than ccs//

i am like a foreigner here in korea

not even a foreigner...

more like a loner -_-;;;

koreans love foreigner

but it seems like they dont notice that

i am not really from korea

so they treat me like other koreans...

so most of the time they ignore me...;-;

so far classes was done after 10-30 mins

which means i dont have a time to get to know others

....hope it will be better and better....

becuase of swine flu,

foreigners are not really welcome in korea

(already 4 ppl died)

now all foreign kids are required to take

a temperature check everyday

at least a week

ahhhhhh its so hot here too

especially without car...

i am dying ;-;

i already miss my car :(

anyway this is my schedule for this semester

i know 7 classes in 6 days

i bet i am gonna pull all nighter this semester



1-5 informational design


1-3 portfoilo


1-5 design graphic


9-1 3D modeling


9-1 advanced design 2

1-4 UIT interface design


9-1 3D product modeling