job offer?

so i guess
this dude saw
my ten mins
portrait drawing
at black lotus bar
and was interested
in working with me -_-

tattoo or business card
i guess?
i hesitated first but thinking about earn some money
by doing what i love to do
makes me thrilled about it :-)
also this dude loves my drawing!!!
yay dudee!!!

but thing is i dont want to be TOOO excited yet

until i reallllllly gonna work as a freelancer

i got a lot of offer from places, even one of my high school teachers,
but really...they JUST asked me....never even gotten close to hold my pencil-_-.....
i know sad right?

so this time!!!
i am gonna prepare for myself this time
i hope this dude is really serious about it
not just a talk= _=
if this dude does that too
i will be really pissed
and never ever work as a freelancer :'(
wish me luck!